Amy, Amy, Amy

I am so totally in love with her! I love the bee-hive, the crazy tattoos, winged-out eyeliner..Gosh! Amy Winehouse is simply awesome man! I downloaded her 2nd album, Back to Black last year and had been in a continuous search for her 1st album (Frank) soon after that. Finally got the CD last month. And "Frank"ly speaking, that album simply pale in comparison to her latest effort, Back to Black. I do love some tracks from Frank, like Fuck Me Pumps, Stronger Than Me and You Sent Me Flying. But seriously, nothing compares to songs from Back to Black like the title track, Love Is a Losing Game (current fave), Tears Dry on Their Own and You Know That Im No Good.

And what the fuck is Jay-Z doing on the remix version of Rehab? He's just ruining the song
man! Come on!