That was me in Kelantan with Shikin, Fara and Hanis (all my fave bitches!) It is a place where I never really have any plan to set my foot on to. Its a nice place..the beach, good food and all..But I somehow just simply can't identify myself with that place. No offence tho=)

I was there for almost a week although the plan was to take the bus right away after the interview. Yes, I went for a job interview in Kelantan! Hehheh..That was just crazy! Had really good time. Spent most of my days in UiTM Machang where Shikin and Hanis work. We go to KB after they got off from work. We ate a lot, sat at the beach..It was nice. I had fun.

The interview? Well let just say that I did get the job but.. I was waiting for something else.. And three months later, HERE I AM! Where am I exactly? Heheheh=)