The Olsens

I still can't figure out what is it about these two girls that really drawn me to keep on checking for their style progress. First they started the dumpster-chic trend and made all the teenage girls from all over the world join their parade of oversized shades, boho skirts and beaded necklaces.
Now they are all MOD. Black tight, Fendi purse and slick shift dress. Its just a lot of fun to watch Mary Kate in Beverly Hills with her Starbucks coffee in one hand and her quillted Chanel in another. And the oversized shades! Man, I got one that is sooo-huge like hers that my eyelids are all sweaty when I took it off. Well, they don't sweat that much in LA don't they?
I lost track of how many hours per week that I spent on checking for The Olsens' papparazi pictures on the web. Although they sometimes got lost under all those layers, I still think they are fabulous.