Tunes Playing Inside My Head

I'm such a music junkie! Each time you heard a new stuff on radio or artiste that is making huge buzz on the internet, the chance is that artiste or song has already been in my mp3 player for a month or two. I am always in search for anything that is fresh because I got sick of things really easily. Which explains the reason why I have to change my mp3 playlist every week.

So here's my playlist of the week:

1. What's A Girl To Do- Bat For Lashes

2. Jimmy- M.I.A

3. Dress (High Fashion JohnB Remix)- PJ Harvey

4. Is It U?- Cassie

5. When Did Your Heart Go Missing?- Rooney

6. Myth of The Near Future (Whole Album)- Klaxons

7. Icky Thumps- White Stripes

8. Hunting For Witches- Bloc Party

9. When Did You Fall In Love- Chris Rice

10. Autumnsong- Manic Street Preachers