Sunshine or Rain

It has been raining and then suddenly the sun shines and before you know it, it'll rain all over again.I cannot say that I hate the weather but, well..I cannot say that I'm enjoying the raindrops outside my window either.

I have been highly influenced by the weather. Mood-swing, sneezing fits and not to mention the fact that I can't resist the temptation to sleep while the rain showers everything outside.
And my umbrella broke. The same umbrella that I had been using throughout my uni years..I love that freakin umbrella. Its black, its cheap and it has Snoopy prints on it..We love Snoopy right? But seriously, I don't know how can it be possible for a normal human beings to go on and on about the weather and his old umbrella..I guess I am not always too normal anyways.

Let's talk about something fun. What about music? Yeah! WHAT ABOUT MUSIC!? I listened to a lot of all those whiny female singers/songwriters lately. People like Maria Taylor, KT Tunstall,PJ Harvey etc etc. I think they are awesome. I love em for their constant bitching and complaining. I kinda like this band called Cartel too. Haven't really seen the picture of this band. I'm not even sure if Cartel is really the name of a band. Maybe its a name of a solo artist? Help me out here!

I bought new shoes last week. Its black, lace-up, narrow front leather shoes. It burns my feet but I think it looks awesome. I seriously don't know how to dress conservatively for work. Sometimes I put on my cardigan and started to think that its a bit too much. I'm not even always sure that my tie really matches my shirt! I guess I seriously need to check out GQ or Men's Vogue more often. Pssstt.. I bought this really awesome Topman graphic hoodie too. But Gawd knows I can't get it anywhere near my college! Haha!

Work or outside work.. Rain or shine.. I know that we still have to look fabulous aitteee!!!

Yeah..Whatever.Who cares.