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I woke up soooo fuckin late on Saturday that I almost missed a date with my best sista bitch- Shikin. We planned to catch movie but ended up in Mid-Valley and Robbinson walking around aimlessly. It was still fun but..I should have woke up earlier. Fuck! Here are our huge asses doin our thang around Mid-Valley and Robbinson. Sooo-like whatever! Check out my new kicks..and my new jeans.Haha!
P/S: Ended up spending 2hours on the road to KL 3hours in KL and another 2hours on the road back to N9. How stupid is that!


Heiso said…
wow~ what's with shikin's pic?? haha.. i think i hav a new name 4 her.. by the way, love the new kicks n jeans! =D