So Stressed Out!

I'm sooo-fuckin stressed out..With 20 bucks in my wallet and four hours of busride to and fro everyday to work...I am seriously fucked-up central! Seriously I am!

But lets not talk about that. Lets talk about things that can "kinda" put a smile upon my face. Haha! Well Shikin has finally came back after what seemed like her "lifetime" in London. The funny thing is she didn't really make it to Paris.Haha! Now I'm not that jealous anymore. But still London sounds like a brilliant idea if compared to spending your 9 to 5 in this tiny little office surrounded by..ya know..people..

I'm sooo broke.I've been living off with my mom's money for the past 2 weeks.How pathetic is that.. I went to KLCC last weekend and literally droolled over the latest offering at Topman and Zara. Seriously man! Even the sight of Marks & Spencers wallet almost made me cry because it was just sooo-cheap..But when I reached inside my pocket, all I had was two RM20 bills


I'm such a whiny bitch..Don cha think so?