Hair today, gone tomorrow

I had a haircut earlier today and God knows how much I needed that. My hair has been unruly and quite a bit of a disaster since last year. It was a mess! I hate putting hair-gel on it because it gets sticky when I sweat (Yes! I do sweat a lot!) My forehead has become the zit-central recently as a result of this. That just sucks. So I went to a hair-dresser and just simply go all the way. I cut my hair so short that I don’t think I will ever need any of those hair-wax or hair-gel for the next few weeks. I waited for like two hours for a haircut that took only like 2 minutes. There were all these aunties at the hair salon that I practically have to shut my ears from all their loud conversations and talking on the phones. As ‘my hairdresser’ chop off all my hair with the machine (and few times she actually used scissors) I feel this sense of release as though I was being set free. As if a serious burden was being lifted up from my shoulder.. It felt like my own modest emancipation or whatever you want to call it.. But for the first time in a couple of months, I finally feel free and released. I feel like myself. But it still doesn’t make any sense and you might call me crazy because it was just a fucking nine-buck haircut. Well gimme a break! I have been through a whole lot these past few months. I had just recovered from this really nasty cold and sore-throat. The electricity at the hostel where I live was being cut down. I was travelling two hours from home every morning to go to work and that went on for more than two weeks. I had sleep-deprivation. I even slept in a car last week, which is something that I shouldn’t do and something that I will never let my family members or friends do. The details about that? It’s a long story.. I ran out of cash last month and have to actually survive on my Mom’s sympathy (read: money) That was just embarrassing! But I have no choice. I paid good amount of money for this PC that I’m typing on right now. So, no regret I guess?

I don’t know if haircut or new hair-do is something necessary in order to turn our lives around. But I do believe that haircut symbolizes that change or little adjustment that we make in life. Just like when a photographer chopped off Twiggy’s hair in the 60’s. Or when David Beckham shaved it all of in the late 90’s and YES I’m referring to his hair! Haha =) I just hope that things will get better for me after all these. From the word of Ally McBeal (Love her when I was in high-school!): Just let today be a less-bad day if not better. .