I Hate This!

Ain requested for my new picture with the new hair-cut and all. So here's one and this is actually the one that I really hate. I just want a picture that makes me look..well ya know, kinda thinner.Haha=)But looking at this picture..I just don't know what to say..

Sharina will be in an operation today. She's going to have her tonsil removed and some kind of implant will be placed at the back of her throat. I don't know the details. I just give her my best. I hope she'll be fine.

I texted her last night. She was at the hospital. While watching Project Runway on TV, I asked her this stupid little question that all of a sudden occupied my thoughts. I asked her:

H&F: D'ya think we'll still b as fun when we turn 30?

Sharina: Of coz we will! Becoz we R fun=)

H&F: Hehheh..Or r we going 2 turn in2 1 of those married and boring bunch?

Sharina: Nolah. We're going 2b free..n happy.hihi

H&F: n stabil, fabulous, hav lots of money so dat we can go vacation every year=)

Sharina: n expensive clothes. Haha..

30s. The third decade of life that can make you or break you. If you still don't make it by the age of thirty..then I guess you are going nowhere.. I wanna have a different life by the time I turn 30. I want to be a better person, much more together than I am right now and my saving accounts will have endless zeros in the digits. I have to be able to drive around in my own car and most importantly feel 'complete'. But how do we reach to the level of completion? Or self-fulfillment? I seriously have no fucking idea whatsoever! Sex? Nah! Come on! Sex wont make you feel complete. It just dries you up. Money? Let just say money can't buy love..and happiness..I hate to say this but money can sometimes be worthless..

Maybe I will find bits and pieces towards the completion and fulfillment along the way towards 30. I better start collecting that bits and pieces from now and try to put it all together in one piece so that it will all make sense..

Whatever! Just fuck it! Hahaha

Hate it when I started to get too deep.



Heiso said…
but hanef.. i like it when u're deep.. u cant always be shallow u know.. ~wink~ anyways, of course u wont b boring when u're 30.. well mebbe u'll fine other ways to get fun.. in a more classy kind of way i'm sure. with money and all. wish 4 the best!