Movie Weekend Y'all!

My whole weekend was spent watching some old and new movies last week. On TV that is. I guess it was the that got all these local and cabel TV stations excited about showing mostly rom-com movies. I love rom-com.. Cheesy but nice. Like grilled cheese sandwich..Haha.
There was Something's Gotta Give on Friday night. Man, that is one heck of a great movie. I love it. I always thought that love at the golden age can be verrrry disgusting and strange, but I seriously love this one. Feels like watching my Mum and Dad falling head over heels in love with each other all over again. Hold that thought! I guess THAT is disgusting..or not?! Gosh! I don't know!

And then there was You've Got Mail on Saturday. This is another old movie that I never really got the chance to watch. I just seem to missed all the reruns on local TVs and cabels. I have to say that Meg Ryan is the reigning Queen of rom-com. It was kinda fun watching the two characters emailing and IMing each other on the bulky, 90s-style laptops. Emailing was soooo-current at that time. Even Hollywood had to make a movie based on that. Hahaha.. Another movie was Atonement. I bought the DVD. Man, it was tragic! I couldn't bare watching the ending part. It just broke my heart. Please check this movie out and you'll know what the fuss is all about.
And as a closure to my movie weekend, I watched this really disgusting, B-grade comedy titled Just Friends. It was like American Pie gone bad. Or like over the top version of Meet The Parents. One thing for sure is that Ryan Reynold is no Ben Stiller. There were some cringe-worthy moment here and there but it was just not good enough for me. I watched it for free on Star World..So I guess no regret.

Don't know if next week will be another movie weekend. Haha! Watch this space.


Heiso said…
Hi baybe.. been watching a few movies myself. hmm nice choice of movies there.. but just friends?? err.. hehe..