White on me

I have been too caught up with all the bitchin and whinin about my life. This little blog of mine started to turn into whine-un-fabulous instead of fash-un-able. Come on! Who wants to hear about the fact that I have only 20 bucks inside my wallet or the fact that I only slept for 3 hours a day?! No wonder people don’t really bother to check this shit out. It kinda sucks. Don cha think so?

Alright. Lets talk fashion..or the lack of it.. Yeah exactly. I had just got our official company shirt that we’re supposed to wear every Wednesday. Its FUGLY! Seriously! It is something that I don’t want to be caught dead in. Its orange and black. Its short but wide on the hips. It makes me look 50 pounds heavier. I’m still figuring out excuses so that I don’t have to wear it. But I know that the managament team won’t be too happy about that. I have to think of something. Even if I have to put this shit on, I have to totally rock it. Yeah right!

Speaking of Gucci, I wish I have at least one Gucci bag. But I know that that will never happen. Haha! Dream on son! I had just got my paycheck yesterday and know for sure a huge portion of that money will go straight into my shopping cart. I’ll give away my first born for a white Burberry skinny jeans! Hahaha!! But I guess Topman will do it for me. Or should I just alter my old white jeans into skinnier fit? Do you think people will notice?

My inspiration at the moment is Johnny Borrell of Razorlight. I’ve never seen any other rockstar who can wear all-white outfit on stage without being mistaken for a spa employee. Remember that crotch-grabbing scene from Sex and The City? That was hillarious! White open neck tee, white skinny jeans and white Mark Jacobs trainers (correct me if I’m wrong). And this guy looked totally awesome.

I’m not sure if I can really pull it off. All white? Sounds like a stain-magnet. I’ll turn it all into khakis by noon..


Heiso said…
that's the spirit we want. nice to have u back.. nonetheless i know the urge to whine in your blog.. i have the same notion to! anyways, pretty sure white will look double ok on u! u can pull it of.. just dont make it too tight ya? haha