Complain & Bargain

I have this little presentation on Friday. I was pretty much stuck with no topic at hand and I seriously don't see the purpose of having this presentation in the first place. I’m a lecturer and for the past 8 months or so I have been teaching and sharing my knowledge with my students. It took me by surprise that it was only last week that they decided to “check” on my presentation skills and my knack for public speaking. I can't say NO and come to think about it, this seems like my chance to show my ability and skills that I gained throughout 5 years of uni. Man! 5 years of presentations and mock-teaching. NOW they want to test me?!

Well, it was really upsetting that Paris J’taime didn’t happened last week. It was not my fault nor was it Shikin's. She had to work late and we booked the 12 pm ticket. There was nothing that we could do about it. So we went shopping instead. I scored two neon-colored J. Crew tees for twenty bucks, a white skinny jeans for 69 bucks, Gap striped tee and Banana republic crew-neck for RM 9.90 each. I have to say that I am just sooo damn proud of myself!

That was me at Starbucks Mid-Valley rummaging through my bags for ciggies. I waited for like three hours for Shikin before she finally arrived. We only had enough time for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market and our favorite Caramel Macchiato at Starfucks. Check out those white cropped pants. Should have worn it with my cardigan and oxford. But I’m just sick of it. When I was in Genting Highland last couple of weeks, there were literally an army of Chinese school boys in cardigan marching their ways across the theme park. I would love to say that I am over this whole cardigan craze and would seriously like to move on. But my recent trip to revealed that cardigans are still all over the runways. From Gucci to Ethro. I guess I’m fucked..

P/s: Sandals with skinny jeans is tha shit for this season. I just got mine yesterday.