Fashion Babylon

OK listen up y'all! H&F had just bought his first book in 10 years!

I was just wandering around town after work. Instead of getting one of those overpriced fashion mag (yet again!), I decided to go to the Popular Bookstore and think of the possibility of treating myself for a RM30++ book. Yeah book! Remember book? That bulky stuff that we used to carry to school everyday? In fact, books used to be my only escape from my so-called REAL world. That was way back then, when there were still only three options for terrestrial TV channel and buying fashion magazine was totally out of the question. So, I resort to buying book. Loads and loads of books..and it totally feels like ages ago! The 90s when Boy London was considered the height of fashion and I pronounced Versace as "Ver-sais".Haha!

So I bought this Sunday Times Bestseller by Imogen Edwards Jones. It's "Fashion Babylon". Haven't heard of the writer nor the books ever! But I gave it a go after reading the short, little review at the back of the book sleeve. The initial plan was to buy one of those Jodi Picoult books just for the fact that she always in the Bestseller List. I just couldnt't help myself when I saw the word "FASHION" on the book cover. Its like buying fashion magazine but in the form of well...a book! Ahah!!

I'm on chapter 4 of the book. So far, I totally love it. The main characters are just fiction, but man I tell ya! The events are soooo- damn real. I didn't know Kate Moss had a bushy-pussy long before she discovers Brazilian wax.Hahah!The designers are real too-Oscar Paymy Renta, Gucci, Luella, Sophia Kokosalaki,McQ, Michael Kors, Tuleh, Hussein Chalayan and the list goes on.. This is like the sneak peak into fashion world. I love this!

Here are some words from the back sleeve:

"Whether you just like a bit of shopping or you're a hardcore fashionista, Fashion Babylon will change the way you sashay into Topshop, flick through the pages of Vogue and worship at the temple of Harvey Nichols for ever!"

Now go and drag your giant asses to the bookstore and get this book! NOW! Scoot!


Heiso said…
there there.. hanef reading a book? it took me a few blinks to confirm myself on what i was reading.. haha.. no lah.. seriously i think u r capable of enjoying a book when u find the right one. yeah n it's not a surprise either that it has to be one of the fashion flicks ^_^ i dont think i'll buy the book but i'm very much interested to borrow?? hehe