I am literally writing this with an episode of Sex and The City playing at the top of my Microsoft Word window. Its 3.30am and I am a little bit tired from catching up on stuff that I missed throughout the week. Simple, daily stuff like watching my favorite TV programs (FYI, I watched the repeat of E-news at least two times), reading all those glossy fashion magazines (still on March Details, Men’s Folio and Flaunt), driving lessons, catching up on sleep, listening to my new musical discovery; Yael Naim and other stuff like chatting away on the phone with Sharina and pick clothes off my bedroom floor into the washing machine. I know it sounded soo-fucking tedious but it matters to me. It keeps me sane and keeps my mind off other unnecessary things that clogged up brain throughout the week. It was such a release to be able to just sit in my bedroom with Goldfrapp and Roisin Murphy blaring from tiny speakers.

I fell asleep on the couch until 5am last night and this is the second time it happened this month. I never before fell asleep in other places other than my own bed. This is kinda scary. Am I getting old or what?

I have a friend telling me last week that I don’t have enough fashion on my blog. Well, I do love fashion. That’s why I’m naming this blog fash-un-able in the first place. But my life is not only about fashion and clothes and Gucci. I also feel the need to share my crappy life stories with others. Just so that people know that I have crappier life than theirs. I hope that I can make them feel better.

I was with my sista-frenz a couple of days ago in Shah Alam. We met up straight after work and were all still in our office attire. What a rare sight! It's not everyday that you can see a group of best-friends in serious-looking color coordinated outfit! We had our usual Sex and the City-style dinner with all the gossip, bitchin and the whole deal! It was nice to be able to get together and catch up. We have a lot going on since the last time we met in OU a couple of months back. Sharina is evidently fully-charged after her tonsil removal operation last month. She just couldn’t stop singing man! Shikin was sooo-damn proud about her recent discovery of one of her friend’s sexuality. I couldn’t help but share her excitement. Bayne is nursing her broken heart and she seems to be doing okay. Even if she’s not okay, I know she will come out of this whole thing as a better person. Come on Bayne! You’re so much better than what you think you are! Go on girl=)

Weekend is here once again! I always get excited on weekends. In a good way that is=)


Anonymous said…

boleh layan sex in the city time kerja ye??

bile nak datang shah alam?