Room for Improvement

When I first started this blog, my greatest fear was whether people will really care to go to my little website to read about little life occurrences. Yawn.. I found out later that anything goes in the world of blogging. It’s all about you. Not YOU you! I was referring to the owner of the blog. I don’t want to use the word ‘writer’ here because some blogger put up more photos than actually typing words on their blogs. Like this certain Adam-guy. Maybe a picture worth a thousand words. But here at fash-un-able, pictures or photos is just the icing on the top of my humble cake. Or should I say humble-pie?

But my point is, you can start a blog and put up a picture of a crumpled piece of paper in a trash-can and call it your point of view. Or you can simply have a series of photos of you and your friends with beers in hands dancing the night away in Palette Palette with the caption “Fabulous”. I did that once if I’m not mistaken. Hahah.. What the hell! Anything goes remember?!

So I have this funny little idea of sharing the inside-look of my bedroom with other people. I am not really a good house guest. So far, I have only two real close friends who had been inside my house and of course my bedroom. It is not my nature to invite people to my house. I prefer to go out and have fun with my friends instead of staying in enjoying home-cooked meals. I have a room in Nilai where I work (not going to talk about THAT room) but I spend most of my week at my parents’. Yeah! I still live with my parents. Let it go!

My bedroom to me is a sacred place. Kinda.. It is the place where all the magic happen. I used to spend all day inside my bedroom listening to I-tunes, reading my fashion magazines, napping, watching DVDs..Basically doing everything that a person can possibly do without having to step a foot outside of the house. I was enjoying it for many, many months before I finally start working in August last year. Now that I am working, I hardly have enough time to really spend my time in this bedroom. Let alone cleaning it! I have a full season of Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives on my PC that I just couldn’t find the time to watch.. How sad is that?

My bedroom is actually a conversion of a dining room. I guess that pretty much explain the white sink that can be seen clearly in the picture. It’s kinda small. So don’t expect to see any Carrie Bradshaw walk-in closet inside my room. I like the fact that it’s a little aged and the peeled off white wall give it this certain character. It looked as if it was built a century ago, when the reality is there was something wrong with the roofing earlier on when we first moved in. The rainwater ruined the paint. I try to inject my personality into the room deco (well, if you can really call it that). I want it to represent my eclecticism, like my fashion and music choice. From the New-Age graphic hoodie to proper grey cardigan and from Bright Eyes to Sugababes. Get what I mean?

I have a black candle stick with a tiny Marc Jacobs card slipped in between the iron rods. There’s a mood board on the empty wall right beside my pink bed. It holds everything including a purple Christmas tree ornament, pressed flowers from my Dad’s garden, a crown, my graduation photo, Zouk and Gucci posters and a Planet Hollywood postcard. My pet Siamese fighting-fish, Jake is on the second tier of the book shelf. He has blue scales and in desperate need for a female counterpart because he's a horny little son of a bitch. Haha! I still have all my cassettes collection from before mp3-player era. I still try to listen to my favorites like Kate Bush’s The Whole Story, George Michael’s Faith and Lisa Loeb’s Tails. Mp3 really kills the cassettes and it’s about time before people will finally stopped buying CDs. I am recently into bags. Men’s bag, the kinds that pop around the runways of each designer’s fashion shows. Really, really love it! I try to buy at least one new bag every month. But I don’t really spend fortunes on it. Hahah! It’s not Gucci or Dior Homme definitely. I’m too cheap for that. So, my growing collections of bags can be seen around in my room as well. It just a matter of time before I’m running out of space for it (walk-in closet hint hint!)And then there are my magazines. I have GQ, Men’s Folio, W, Esquire, In Style even Teen Vogue! I care about the environment.. A LOT! I recycle and save energy but, I just can bring myself to recycle my fashion magazines. I don’t want throw them out either=( I just can’t do it!

I guess that is pretty much enough details about my bedroom. Now, if you may excuse me, I have to go and light a candle. I hope that can mask the smell of cigarettes from last night. Yeah, I am still living with my parents and they have no idea that I smoke either..
P/S: You can laugh now.


Heiso said…
wow~ so that's how your room looks like huh? the sink is kinda cool! unique.. yeah talk about all the old mags n cassets.. i dont have the heart to throw them out either..haih.. anyways, i think u can do a better job in decorating the room. try using the stuff they got in IKEA. i went there a few months ago and i think i saw a room that is soooo u! (^_^)