Saturday's Funeral

My aunt passed away on Friday. She’s my Mom’s eldest sister. She had been fighting many different kinds of illness for so long. So finally her body surrendered after only a few hours in the hospital.

I remembered once she asked me why I haven’t visited her for so long. I actually had been busy getting my life together throughout 2007. I did attend her youngest son’s wedding in December. I don’t know if this is true, but my Mom said she saw her cry when when I shook her hands. That kinda surprised me. But I have no idea that that was actually the last time that I saw her.

We were not that close but she’s my aunt and I do have a special place at the corner of my heart for her. I’m sad but not the same sadness that I experienced upon the loss of my grandparents in the 90’s. It is always heartbreaking to lose someone that has been around throughout your life and to lose someone who actually has blood connection with you. I feel kinda low. Death in the family is never easy.


Anonymous said…
sorry to hear that. my deepest condolences.

btw, unlink me. i dah takde blog. hehe