Victim and his fashion

I was bombarded with questions concerning my work. It was like a series of questions that question my ability and commitment. Maybe I was doing shitty work and maybe I might have lost focus a little throughout the month. But who the fuck cares! My boss obviously did! Whatever! I was trying to do my best but if my best is just not good enough for her, then I don’t know what else to say.

That was about the meeting that I had at the college yesterday.. Today is another day. Just like that song from Telepopmusik. Another day just believe..Another day..just believe.. Another day..Hahahaha=) I think I’m going crazy!

Well I just don’t know what to write about. So I just want to give this lowdown on stuff that I’m currently into:-

• Chalk-white jeans
• Neon tees
• Summer sandals
• White light-weight slip-ons
• Bright-colored boxing shorts
• White chuck Taylor’s with blue laces

I have this really wonderful white cuffed-short. But I am agonizing over the length of it. I’m a bit self-conscious over the fact that my knees are fully on display and the fact that I have hairy legs really make things worse.

My oh my! Things people do in the name of fashion..