I was just too lazy to upload the photos on my photobucket.. So, I simply paste it all up here. The only reason is because I am still tired from all the fun that I had yesterday.. I got back home around 10pm after what seemed like hours of busride from Shah Alam. But it was all worth it man=)

It was very brief but I finally managed to rekindle my friendship with Fara which has taken a back seat since last year. We're okay now and I'm fuckin glad that we're now BFFs again. Go MJ!! And go err..H&F!!?

There's a talk of me coming back to Shah Alam next week. But I still can't really confirm that. I missed my friends so much. I feel like they are my only connection to my past. Past that I miss sooo much.. I want to be free like a child, like a bird, like Paris Hiton after her jail stint..or like ya know..WHATEVER!

* can I finish this off tomorrow? it's 5.30pm. Time to go home.