My favorite things

I'm still at this internet cafe.. and to my own surprise, the internet connection is actually far much better than at my own office. So while I'm here, I just I want to share some of my favorite things this week

1. Thirteen- the indie movie starring Evan Rachel Wood
2. 27 Dresses- I have it on DVD. I'm going to watch it later tonite.
3. New Wave and electronica acts like- Test Icicles(now disbanded), Tapes 'N' Tapes, Bloc Party ("we are in the state of flux"), Enur, Goldfrapp, September etc etc
4. ANTM 10- The Frankenstein is out and heading straight back to the laboratory
5. My new Casio watch- it vibrates!
6. Britney- finally getting her act together
7. Feed a Child with just a Click- a group on Facebook tackling a very serious issue
8. Movies on youtube!- they come in 13-part. Grainy images but who the fuck cares!
9. A possible trip to Kedah next week- nothing official yet. But H&F might spread some lovin in Kedah
10.Labour Day- after all these hard labour..Yes, we need a break.