No Idea...

I was browsing through all of my blog entries so far. I just have one thing to say- My Topman graphic hoodie has been making far too many appearences. It looked as if I have a very limited wardrobe access. It was just kinda funny how I happened to be in that purple hoddie whenever I am being photographed. Maybe I should let it rest in my closet for a while. Haha=)

I don't really have any particular thing to write about. I just wanna write and write until some kinda of magical idea suddenly struck my mind. Whatever that supposed to mean..

It has been quite sometimes since the last time I hit the club. I was in Zouk on Ghetto Heaven night. It was kinda boring. I couldn't believe that they still play "Umbrella" and "Fatman Scoot"(not even sure if it's Scoop or Scoot!). LAME!! I feel an old-fart in the middle of the sea of young, sweaty brats. And yes, I was wearing THAAAAT hoodie=( Haha

I noticed the fact that commercial hip-hop and RnB just simply do not appeal to me anymore, the way that it did a few years back. I believe that I will have greater amount of F.U.N if I go to other places that play indie,electronica, New Wave, garage from acts like Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem, Daftpunk, Clor, The Smiths, Telepopmusik, Unkle, Goldfrapp, M.I.A, Miss Kittin, Razorlight, Roisin Murphy,Royksopp etc. Well..H&F is less and less commercial these days. Yes I do!