One of those days ..

Just one of those days.. When you're at home with the TV on and you have dirty laundry scattered all over the floor and all you wanted to do was to be with your friends but when you called, they didn't pick up the phone..

So.. I got up from my couch, put my favorite jeans on and dragged my ass out to the door and here I am.. I'm at this internet cafe in my hometown after a couple of cigarettes and my friend called back and suddenly things back okay..I still feel like shit but less shitty then the way that I felt few minutes ago..

Sharina called back and I was bitchin to her about my apparently, day from hell. She's always so nice and she's like one of the people who always understands me and I know for sure that I can always turn to her..regardless. Things might be a little bit different after this..I don't know..because there's this little thing that she's about to do. I'm happy for her and I will always be. But the thought of having her fading away, is just too much for me to handle. Maybe I ws just being a little bit dramatic is possible..

I was supposed to go to this little trip that my college organized for all the staff today. But they cancelled it last minute. I can actually call back my driving instructor and tell him that I am available for driving lesson today..I didn't do it.. I don't know.. I wanna be able to get my hands behind the wheels so bad..but right now, being told that I am suck at driving is the last thing that I wanted to do..

Fuck! Why do I feel so bad? It's weekend for God sake! I had been conting the days for the workdays to be over. Now that the weekend is here, I just can't stop complaining!

Song playing inside my head: John Mayer's Say