Weekday Getaway??

Out of frustration and disappointment from my oh-not-so-fabulous weekend, I took the train and head back to the city after work. This time with my colleague, Jiyna. The destination is KLCC=)

Shikin was there waiting with her sister, Zura. I love seeing them together.They're like the cattier version of my sisters. Very fun to watch, like The Banger Sisters.

Dinner at Madam Kwan's, coffee at Starbucks and I bought new perfume, Polo Explorer. Not really my cup of tea, but for RM100 it was so worth it.

On the way back inside the train, I got a text message from Shikin. It read:

S: Make sure u upload the pix on frenster@myspace@facebook ok? so, is ur weekday getaway succeeded?mine, yes.

And I answered:

H:Yes, n thx 2 u.

Song playing inside my head: Eve's Tambourine