Weekend and then some..

Another weekend in the city and this time it was a bit different.. I had fun but not as much fun as I anticipated. It was aite..

I got a pair of Aldo shoes for bargain. Which I am so damn proud of by the way. I also got myself another pair of shades to go with my new outfit. The frame is leopard-print. Growl!

The new white jeans and nautical shirt combos are all over April issues of Details magazine. Haha! Looks like I am way ahead of them!

I am still tired from the late night and all the trotting my little ass out around OU. I was really close to calling in sick today. But I soldiered on anyway. I have a lot of things to do at work today. So here I am! In the office on Monday. Blah!

I slept at 9.30 am on Saturday and it was just insane! It was all great until it gets to the point when Nizam and I discovered that Ben was not alone at home. The rooms were all occupied and the couch had someone sleeping on it as well. I ended up sleeping on Ben's bedroom floor for three hours. Not fun!

Song playing inside my head: Razorlight's Up All Night