I’m at work.. Feeling so damn sleepy.. I just wanna go home..Lie down and sleep..But that is quite impossible because I have class until 10 pm! Can you believe that!? Oh my Gosh..

I just want to shake off all work related stuff from my system. It’s just so tiring and emotionally draining. Seriously.. After several months of working, I still haven’t fully embraced the changes that are taking place in my life.

I have to channel almost all of the energy that I have into teaching. All the screaming, thinking, photo-copying, paper-marking.. It’s driving me insane! And I have to wear this fugly company shirt every Wednesday. It’s black and orange, make me look 100-pounds heavier and made out of cheap polyester. I look like some old, electronic factory worker. No offence to all the factory workers out there, tho.. Hahaha!

There I go again.. Complaining.. Bitching.. Typical me! I’m just tired..That’s all..

Oh! I bought blue shoe-laces yesterday for my white Chuck Taylor. John Varvatos is wearing it with dark blue shoe-laces this season. I’m copying the look. Last year it was white Chuck Taylor with deep red shoe-laces. I have that too.

I need my weekend..Please..pretty please..


if you feel sleepy...then go to sleep k....i dont mind