I want to update this blog so bad. I mean with a REAL entry, pictures and all that jazz. The list that I had been posting doesn't really cut it. It was just my lazy attempt to keep myself happy. At least I have something new on my page. Well, at least..

I have been bitching about my life a lot. I'm lousy driver, sad-loser, unsatisfied sex-crazed maniac yada yada yada.. So much for fash-un-able. Even a friend who has not been in touch with me for the past 12-month suddenly posted a comment about my current penchant for whining and bitching on the internet. Guilty as charged but I cannot promise that I will never do it again. Hahaha..

Ok let's go back to fashion. This is fash-un-able right?

What is it that I am currently into? Well, I've been buying a lot of fashion magazine lately. Details, Esquire, Men's Folio, Another name it and by chance I might have it scattered somewhere on my bedroom floor. I might not have time to read all of it, but I did ogled and admired all the photographs on each glossy pages..for the fashion of course!

After reading Details magazine, I realized that I need a new toiletries bag because the shapeless Alain Delon and boxy Davidoff that I am carrying around right now started to lose it's practicality with the growing numbers of product that I have stuffed in it. I need a new one. I'll go shopping for it this weekend. Although I love the Prada that I saw on the website just now, I think I have to settled for something more accessible (for me) like Marks & Spencer. Sob..

I haven't been out shopping for clothes for the past couple of weeks. The closest I get to clothes shopping was when I was at the Robbinson last week with Zaki. I bought a new pair of underwear. Hahaha. Members only sale and I got extra 5%discounts. Yay!

I haven't had the time to browse the internet and check all those runway show lately. Is it still the season for cruise collection? Seriously have no freakin' idea. But I know what's in and what's not. That is one thing for sure. The color blue is in, flimsy,transluscent top is in, seersucker is in, short-sleeve shirt is cool for office, khakis is cool again, and shawl collar jacket is the must-have of the season.

I 'kinda' gained back the weight that I lost throughout 2007 and that is bad news! So I am back on diet because I have a vacation planned for early June. It might involves the sand and beaches. I need to have killer bod for that. I cannot run around topless looking like the way I am right now. Hahah. I'm not fat, like Jack Black's fat. I'm just 'bulgy'. The ass looks amazing tho. Hahahah.

So I need motivation. Bring it on bitches!