Penang Penang

It took me quite sometimes to figure out how to start this new entry because I have too much too share yet too little time to do it.

I was in Kedah and Penang last weekend and I just couldn't wait to tell the world that it was just awesome. Or should I say fabulous? Haha..

The trip was initially for Sharina's engagement. Yes.. It is finally official that she is engaged and we were just so thrilled to be part of it. To actually be there and experienced the whole thing…it was just insane. None of my best friends are engaged..or married for that matter and I just couldn’t help but give my best to her. She’s getting somewhere and God knows how bumpy the road leading towards has been. The best part about the engagement was when Sharina took off her veil, put on a pair of dirty flip-flops and drove us to Secret Recipe for some iced-coffee, cigarette smoking and a lot of tittle-tattling.

Afterwards we headed straight to Penang. Hanis and myself were like two freakin little kids as we crossed the Penang bridge! We were even worse than tourist. Shikin being the one with hometown closest to Penang (Perlis) gave us this coy look throughout the passing of the bridge. What the fuck! The last time I was in Penang was when I was 2 ft tall! Do the math Shikin!

We stayed at this not-so-fabulous little hotel(Hotel Malaysia). But who the fuck cares..They do have hot-tub and mini-bar. So it was okay..

Penang is a fabulous town. I kept on thinking that I can actually live there. It's a nice place to live. We went to Gurney Plaza, Gurney Drive, Feringgi and cruised around town finding our way to all these different places. It took us like an hour to figure out the way to Gurney Drive. But when we finally got was all worth it=) Pasemboq is like the tiny little peice of heaven!!!!

We left on Sunday. After a plate-ful of Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Thanks to Tamok for leading the direction to the hidden eateries. I was never really a huge fan of curry but I made an exception for Penang Nasi Kandar. I tell ya, it was good!

It was a succesful trip. It further proved that Shikin, Hanis, and of course, yours truly here can still have our fun despite the drama that went on before we took off and the obvious absence of B.

It was just fabulous and we made the best out of the short time that we had. Can't wait for the next one!

Song playing inside my head: Brooke White's I Am,I Said