Sex, drama and no particular order

God knows how excited I am about Sex and the City the Movie. I have been counting the days and I have countdown timer on my cellphone especially for the day of the movie premiere. I plan to gather all my best gal-pal (read:fave bitches!) for the occasion. I can't wait!

And I am excited that Joyce (aka KinkyBlueFairy)has put up a link to my humble, little blog here from her fashion-blog- Tongue in Chic. Really appreciate it!The website is just fabulous. I have the logo and link direct to the website.I'm such a kiss ass! Haha!

I have some feedbacks about my previous entry too. It's a little bit 'out there' and I am aware of that. But, I was just stating the obvious. Right?

The students are gone. They're all in the middle of the semester break. So, the college is empty, there's nothing much to do as I have finished marking all their exam papers. Yes people! I mark exam papers..Just let it go! Haha=) I can teach too. Hold on, hold on! I can teach? Not too sure bout that tho..

People might call crazy.. My entries keep on changing. Sometimes its emotional, moody, bitchy, whiny and other times it can be critical, fun, interesting (no?), motivating.. But all these things are bit and pieces of who I am. I am a human being. I am real and I experienced different things each day. I have days when I feel sooo-thin and my legs look fabulous inside my white-skinny jeans. But I also have days when I feel like the world is staring at my flabby stomach and laugh at my men’s bag. That’s just me. And I can’t help but bring all these blend of emotions into blog. You see, I’m not that emotional. My friend Tamok might have put up the Drama Queen doodle on my Facebook profile but I am definitely not that crybaby from Project Runway. No way!

What’s new in fashion? There’s not much of a story to tell from the inside of my own closet. It had been weeks since the last time I went shopping for clothes. The last item of clothing that I bought was a long-sleeve Gap t-shirt with black and grey stripes. That was a month ago. I need to get at least one nylon sweater. Very 8o’s but soooo-of the moment. I saw one in Topman but I hate the color. I think cardigan is slowly exiting the fashion must-haves list. I still do wear it but, I think it should be gone to make way for the next big thing. I’d say nylon sweaters and windbreaker.