A Little Perspective

According to some people, my website is not that tasteful..Haha=) Totally my fault. I was practically trashing other bloggers who tried to get their own link at one of this fashion website. I 'kinda' did the same thing but only because I really like the website and the writers. I just wanted to become part of it. I go to the website everyday, check out the links and I even try to post comments/ POV in the chatbox.

I also clicked on a few link from the chatbox and I discovered that some of the websites are not that great. This is only from my personal opinion. What I’m saying is, anyone can paste pictures of models from the internet and put up some words from fashion designer here and there right? But still there are a few blogs that I really like (ie: Jezmine’s, Shopping with Soul Doctor etc)

I try my very best to write as much as possible. That is the reason why I don’t declare my little blog here as ‘fashion-blog’. This is MY blog and it will be about me and few other things that I like. And one of those few things happen to be fashion. And as for the name ‘fash-un-able’, I just thought that it’s kinda catchy.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone. But I was just giving my opinion. Everyone is entitled for their own opinion right?

p/s: And my blog is not perfect people..I'm aware of that=)

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hey..love the blog..and this post is spicy!


do check mine!!
Fash said…
thx 4 the comment. urs is nice too. i always check it out=)