I'm like this grown up mall-rats! It's kinda ridiculous for a 24-year-old, all dressed up,walking around in shopping malls.Hahah! But well..who the fuck cares! I love it=)

So, this is me and Zaki all over Starhill yesterday..Doin nothing but wandering around spending all the money..bla bla bla..I got this new digital camera (all together now: FINALLY!!)It's not the candy-colored Sony, the one that I always dream of..I bought this Samsung in silver instead. I wanted to go with the baby blue but according to Zaki~Mr.Tech-savvy, it will turn silver eventually because the blue spray-on will peeled off.. Even the salesgirl agree with him! Whatever! As long as it is a digital camera, I think I'm fine with it.. So, no more complain about grainy photos ya Ain?! BTW, Zaki looked kinda fabulous in his new black skinny jeans=)

We also run around in Low Yatt trying to find this earphone thingie. It's actually like a wire with that earphone plugs on both ends. It's actually for cassette conversion. Yup exactly! I still have like hundreds of cassettes in my collection that I very seldom listened to. So I found this website that taught me step by step on how to convert these songs in cassettes into mp3. How cool is that!? CLICK HERE for direct link to the website because I know that all of us is experiencing the same dilemma. I feel ya brotha and sistah!

I just can't wait to listen to all my favorite albums on my PC and mp3 player. Great albums like, George Michael's Faith, Anggun's Snow On Sahara, Tori Amos's Greatest Hits.. I can go on and on and on man!

D'ya like my graphic black and white tee? It's vintage!

Song playing inside my head: TLC's Waterfall (don't ask!)


Anonymous said…
hey you!!!
a new digi cam!!! congrats!!! u can put on more pics now!!!

btw, link me! again. ahahahaha
Fash said…
Got it for cheap price! Heheh..I think its cute=)