One Happy Fan

I finally got to watch Sex and The City! FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!!!

The picture quality sucks tho..Well of course it was an illegal download! But, I deleted the file straightaway after I finished watching. Seriously I did! And I had no intention to share the file at all. So stop judging me already!

I think I will be okay till July 31. That's when the movie will be premiered in our sunny, little country, Malaysia. Six days after my birthday.(hint,hint!)

As for the movie, it is beyond my expectation. A lot of 'oohs and ahhs' moments throughout the two hours..and I got up from my office chair and feel like this new person. OK, maybe not totally a new person. But definitely a happier ones=)And yes, I did watched the movie during office hours in my office. Well.. maybe you can judge me just a little bit.. I don't give a shit, really.

I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't got the chance to watch. But let me just say that Carrie did find her happy ending. There,I said it.

So,cheers to Sex and The City and us, four of the biggest fans whose lives had been altered tremendously by the series.

P/S: The Carrie Bradshaw website from the movie is REAL. Check it out! The link is on the side of this page.


Heiso said…
Nak tgk! nak tgk!
Fash said…
poor quality la...