One of Those Days

• Last weekend was not fun. That’s all that I can say. Ended up wandering around, shopping for nothing.. ALONE!

• I couldn’t find the espadrilles that I was looking for in Marks & Spencer. Zara does have a few pairs but they were all not my size. I was so disappointed and made my way to Three Point Six. Not a huge fan of the brand but I entered the store for the sneakers that they have on 70% discount. There were a few that I kinda like. But what really caught my eyes was this polka-dot polo shirt in black and white. I checked the tab and it was all in size2. I had no idea that they go by numbers in Three Point Six. Size 2 is the equivalent for Size M. I wear polo shirt in Size S (or Size 1). I like my polo shirt to hug my body perfectly. I thought it makes me look slimmer?! Really? By the way Three Point Six don’t have my size. Shoot!

• June issue of Details magazine is out. Christian Bale is on the cover. The articles are great, like the one about “stray”. Hilarious! Check it out=)

• Have to go to my boss’s house this afternoon. She’s having her daughter’s birthday party. All of us are going. Seriously not really in party-with-coworker mood at the moment. I guess I’ll just show up, smile a little, eat a little, laugh a little and go home.

photo by: Alex Remnick

• Hah!

p/s: Three Point Six is Malaysian brand!! I got it all mixed up with Triple 5 Soul. How original..