Sports Day

This is from the college's sports day a few months ago. Not really excited about the whole event. I guess that pretty much explain why it took me so long to upload this picture.

Not the kind of event I want to be seen at. It was hot, they didn't provide lunch and the actual ceremony actually extended until 7pm! Can you believe that!?

To avoid myself from looking too different from my usual self during weekdays, I opted for a very simple look for the day. I don't think it would be such a good idea to look like one of the students. I decided to go with Paul Frank t-shirt, Seed jumper, Nautica jeans, Adidas sneakers, Topman aviator and Rip Curl back-pack.


Heiso said…
sports day, huh? =p
Fash said…
Yeah..They made it compulsory..Ya know how "sporty" I am right? Hate it! Panas!