Us in 3D

22 June 2008
I only have like ten minutes before 9.30 pm. I want to grab a cup of coffee and watch ’30 Rock’ later on. I had just finished watching ‘Alfie’ on DVD. It was amazing to see the amount of wonderful, stunning Gucci suits that Jude Law got to wear throughout the movie. And not to mention Prada shoes which he practically ruined after he found out that his dick was still functioning. Yeah exactly.. But that was ‘Alfie’, this is me.. And that was a world of make believe, mine is real.. So damn real.. That and the fact that I don’t have a Gucci suit.

I was having another one of those days again. Bad day.. And this one is severely bad. I just don’t know where to start and how to describe it. I’m listening to John Lennon’s Imagine in hope of finding a little solace and a little something that can get me through another few hours before the day comes to an end.

So that was last week. Now I’m writing this on my pc at home at 5.43 am. Forget about bad day, I decided to come back yesterday because I just hated the fact that I had stay alone in an empty house. Students are still on semester break and my “boss” who stays upstairs is currently in Sabah recruiting new students for the college. Not that I’ m scared, but I just rather take my usual 2-hour journey back home, make a huge cup of coffee as I arrived, take a hot shower, grab the remote and dozed off on the couch before I finally realized that it was already 3 am. Can’t believe that I will ever say this. But friends, that is pretty much what my life is all about on weekdays. Funny huh?

But I am all about weekends. I lived for the weekends! It is like my only motivation each time I woke up at six or eight (depends on my location), put on my fancy office-wear and drag my ass to work. So I’m all about fun and play on weekends. Last week was no exception. I went down to Shah Alam and hung out with my BBF sista-friends. After so many failed attempts of planning outings for all three of us (noticed how the number is getting smaller? Don’t ask!), I finally managed to get all three of us together for some cigarette and bitchin. Very Sex and The City indeed=)

So here’s the lowdown. Sharina decided to postpone her master-degree for some of her own personal reasons. She looked so damn good behind the wheel that she put me instantly to shame (being the ‘slower’ ones at my driving school ..bla..bla..bla). Shikin is still lecturing and she STILL packs her lunch in Tupperware to work. Heheh=)

We spent the afternoon in SACC. Not the best place to hang but given the short amount of time that we had, there was no other option. We had a lot of fun regardless. Even toying around with the 3D spec and making fun of book titles at MPH can be a lot of fun when you are with the people that you really care about. I speak highly of my friends because I chose them to be my friends. Unlike some people, I don’t simply call some random people that I went to work or college with as my best friends.

Song playing inside my head: Bright Eyes' Take it Easy (Love's Nothing)


Anonymous said…
awwww kak sherina and syikin!!!!!!! windu u all
Heiso said…
ala.. tak bestnyer considering I cant join u for the gathering with byni and Ina..
Fash said…
Jom la Ain.It will be like ol time.