I woke up kinda early today at seven. It was early considering the fact that I wake up at 8.30 am on some really odd days. The reason why? Because I went to bed at eight last night! The light was on, TV was on and I got book on my chest. I was just tired. It felt like after having sex ten times in a row. Haha!

There’s nothing much to tell because it’s only the third day into the week and weekends seems like so far away. I am all about weekend remember? So from the look of it, this can be a very loooooong ones. Rambling, rambling..and who says I’m going to stop.

Let me see. Okay let’s talk fashion. I have pretty much lost touch with fashion for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t really spent too much time on shopping either. Last time I was in Robinsons, the only thing that I bought was deodorant. Yup exactly! Deodorant! The truth is, I’m kinda sick of my skinny jeans=( I like the way it makes my ass looks bigger and tighter but, I can’t stand the lack of air and not to mention, space that I have to endure down there. Heheh. Thing people do for fashion.. I spent some times updating folders and photo files on my home PC when I come across photos from my uni days. I was all about zip up jumper, broken in jeans and Vans slip-on. T-shirts are tight and pants are baggy. Totally the opposite from my current wardrobe staples, tight-skinny jeans and slightly roomier graphic tees. So, the silhouette had changed. One thing that will never change is my penchant for flashy sunglasses. Even when I’m wearing my least favorite outfit (for whatever reason), I know that I can rely on my shades to amp it up. My current favorite at the moment is my faux animal print shades that I always have inside my bag, even to work. And my word of advice, please people. Don’t wear that Kanye West’s Alain Mikli-inspired shades (I found it in Sungei Wang for RM20++) in places like shopping malls or when you’re driving. It should be made illegal, unless you are goofing around with your friends in the club or something. That and if you are Kanye West!

I currently have Bright Eyes’ songs in heavy rotation aside from Viva La Vida and SATC Soundtrack. Although I didn’t really like their last album, which was spiritual-themed “Cassadaga”. I enjoyed their previous material like “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”, “Lua”, “Take It Easy (Love’s Nothing)” and my all time favorite “Something Vague”. Conor Oberst is simply brilliant. I love “Something Vague” for the lyrics. It really spke to me and hit me right through.

I hate posting song lyrics on my blog, but I thought I really want to share this one:


Now and again it seems worse than it is,
but mostly the view is accurate.
You see your breath in the air
as you climb up the stairs
to that coffin you call your apartment.

And you sink in your chair,
brush the snow from your hair
and drink the cold away.
And you're not really sure
what you're doing this for
but you need something to fill up the days.
A few more hours.

There's a dream in my brain that just won't go away.
It's been stuck there since it came a few nights ago
And I'm standing on a bridge in the town where I lived
as a kid with my mom and my brothers.
And then the bridge disappears
and I'm standing on air
with nothing holding me.
And I hang like a star,
fucking glow in the dark,
for all those starving eyes to see,
like the ones we've wished on.

But now I'm confused.
Is this deepth really you?
Do these dreams have any meaning?
No. No, I think it's more like a ghost
that's been following us both.
Something vague that we're not seeing,
something more like a feeling.

Deep stuff..Deep stuff..

It’s almost 12pm. Lunchtime. One of the highlight of my weekdays, when I can go out of this fucking office, light up my cigarette and walk to the nearest makan place..



Anonymous said…
like 10 times sex? mane u tahu? pernah try ke?

H&F said…
heheh..i'm not goin to answer that=)
Heiso said…
Actually i was wondering the same thing, hana! ehek..
Anonymous said…