Yay! and Nay..

They have this barbeque at the college yesterday. Although judging from the pictures it seemed like I had a pretty great time. Blowing Ghaz's birthday candles,eating mouthful of spaghetti, fake-laughing all the way..the whole event had blah-factor written all over it. I don't have anything against barbeque.. I don't even hate all my collegue..only a few..I guess I was a bit under the weather yesterday. Tired, bored..or maybe both. But still I tried to look my best in Feraud pink shirt (the theme is red, pink and black), Gap striped shirt and Seed pants.

Let's not talk about that. I just want to share my excitement over Coldplay's new LP- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. It's awesome and I have to tell the world that it was worth the wait. It's a bit dark if compared to Parachute and X&Y. It talks about death and things that surround it. Chris Martin has seriously outdone himself this time. I love the album. I even love the album cover, which is a real painting-Liberty Leading The People by Delacroix.

"Those who are dead are not dead but just living in my head"- 42

I had this new haircut on Saturday at Starhill. I know it's not the haircut that government servants or educators (read: English Lecturer) would go for but who the fuck cares! I don't!

Songs playing inside my head: songs from Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. Duh!


Anonymous said…
lemme see the haircut
Anonymous said…
the haircut in bigger pic.. hihihi
Azzam?? said…
hahahaha... menampakkan lagi kelebaran kepala kau!! =p
Fash said…
Hahaha..So do you, chubby=)