A lot of things to say and so many stories to tell and I seriously don’t know where to start. I have been running around in different directions for the past couple of weeks. It had been kinda hectic. Noticed the use of word ‘kinda’? Well that’s because unlike most people who find their days or week hectic because of work related stuff, the kind of activities that had been keeping me busy are those that are strictly for pleasure. And unfortunately, it does not include any kind of sexual act..

I spent a lot of time with Byni, Hana and Wan last week. We became facilitators for a program at one of the local universities. It was a great opportunity to have a change of setting for once and grasp the whole new experience of being in a different environment as well as being surrounded by different groups of people. Being with three of my classmates from TESL made it feels like our own little reunion (as much as I hate that word, my thesaurus failed to come out with better option). Wan is engaged and he is now working at a new place. Hana is a full-time student. She is currently pursuing her Master in Psychology. Byni is working in Putrajaya and she now drives her own car. I couldn’t help but realized that I am a little bit behind compares to them. I’m still working at the same place, I still haven’t got a raise, I still don’t have a full driver’s license, I have no immediate plan to start my master degree and I gained weight..

That is the reason why I feel like I have to take matters into my own hands and start to be totally in charge of my own life. I need a change, pronto! I don’t want to stay in one place for too long and really blend myself in. It’s been almost a year now and I’m sure that I am ready for something new. It is not difficult to imagine myself in different place doing different things and surrounded by different people because I never really feel like I belong here anyway.

So making a change is definitely on top of my list right now. Way up there.

Song playing inside my head: N.E.R.D's Everyone Nose


Anonymous said…
i agree. we cant be in the comfort zone for too long. have to get out and get better options.

good luck hannef. u'll be on top. doesn't matter if u feel u are behind now. we are not perfect. maybe benda yg u takde, i ade. and benda yg i takde, u yg ade.

u'll get your turn. trust me!
Fash said…
dats good to hear=)thx..we need 2 change after some times right? i just can't wait to do it.
Heiso said…
s***! I missed so damn much! u guys in a reunion together being facilitators? arghh! I HATE YOU GUYS!
Fash said…