For A Friend

that conversation about gyms ~ Atoz- our second home ~ sandy pasar malam fried chicken ~ our tears at DE ~ our laughs at DE ~ our thrashing of all living things that passed us by ~ your brother's bedroom ~ the hole at the corner of the hostel fence ~ Kak Mah and her HUGE personality ~ McD Section 3 drive-through ~ holding your steering wheel while you change outfit ~ planning our little outings and overnights ~ fake Entiti Bukti VCD ~ your wild hair ~ the whole drama in 2004 ~ Auntie Jem ~ Papa ~ cigarette burn on your front car-seat ~ empty gas tank in the middle of Sg. Buluh highway that nite ~ the bracelet that you took back from me ~ your corduroy pants ~ Jewel's Foolish Games ~ Spec Cikgu Salmah ~ your backbone

*among thousands of things that're reminding me of you..


Unknown said…
i love you sucker.hehe.cium tgn aku cptt!!!!!

@-}--- flower for u.

miss you friend.