Later Y'all

I have only a few minutes at this internet cafe.. I'm on medical leave today. Something's wrong with my eyes and it's contagious. The doctor told me to stay at home and try not to spread any kinds of body fluids around me. I don't want my parents to get it. I guess I better just stay in my room.

So,it looks like there will be no picture update or anything new today. But god knows how much fun I had last weekend! Really worth having this red, sore eyes for.. Seriously!

So friends, I'm going to see all of you back in a day or two. With loads of dirt, pictures and everything in between. So meanwhile, why don't you go to Tounge in Cheek or Hanalalalala or Sartorialist. I don't mind..

Song playing inside my head: Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Get Over You


Anonymous said…
hehheh promoting my blog, i see.
tq tq im honored.

get well soon!!!