Make a Move

Wafi and I helped Wan move out from his old apartment. He managed to find this really nice house around the same area with mine. On the other hand, I still live at the same hostel and now that Wafi had recently move in to the room upstairs from mine, I don't get too bored each time after office-hours anymore.

It was almost dark when we arrived at Wan's old apartment. The sunset was beautiful. I was wearing my short-shorts and 'Iconic-status' t-shirt. Tried my best to dress as comfortable as I could because I obviously had to carry some heavy stuff from his fifth floor apartment. When I said heavy, I'm seriously not kidding..


Anonymous said…
oh i saw these pictures in your camera hari tu!!!

heavy? wan pack batu ke ape?

Fash said…
can u believe he carried his microwave oven all the way down from the 5th floor?!