Tuesdays With Morrie

I mention in my previous entry about me running around in MPH trying to find "Tuedays With Morrie". Well I've finished reading the books.

As much as I would like it to change my life or at least turn my life around or even make me feel better about myself, it didn't really have that kind of effect on me. I like the novel and I can't help but think of how sweet the whole relationship between the two characters are (lecturer and student). But I feel like it's a little crazy to imagine myself as the lecturer (Morrie) because I'm just not that kind of person. It is even crazier to put myself in Mitch's (the student) shoes because it is not my nature to have that kind of sensitivity or relationship.. I'm cold remember? Hahah=)

But I do like some quotes and poetry from the novel, tho sometimes they can either be too sweet or too real for someone like me. They are some moments of realization throughout the whole time that I spent reading the book. Well I guess I'll just have to stick to my "Fashion Babylon". Call me shallow or superficial or whatever. But I have a life that is so damn real than any novel that a human being can come out with. That is the reason why everytime I read a book, I want it to be something that in a way can provide me with some sort of escapism. Sometimes I need to step out of my own life and pretend like I'm living in someone else's life. Even for a mere second..

I know that I will definitely read "Tuesdays With Morrie" for a second time in the future. Maybe I'll change my mind about it too. Who knows right?

Song playing inside my head: Archie Bronson Outfit's Darts for My Sweetheart


Anonymous said…
oh i nak baca this book too! pinjam!! i ade yg 5 people you meet in heaven. that one is nice too.

bile nak hang out?
Fash said…
it's good but kinda difficult 4 me to identify myself with.heheh..we can swap.i nk baca jugak 5 people you meet in heaven
Anonymous said…
yeah lets swap.
tess said…
dua-dua buku ni aku tgk movie dia je...lg senangggg...hahaha