Vintage Poetry

Life is…

Life is
a bowl of oranges
The pink of health and
breath of fresh air
To watch the sunrise on
a brand new day..

Life is
a cotton candy
the Ferris wheel at the carnival
A joyful ride up and down
the hill
A deep courageous dive into the sea..

Life is (for me)..
The multitude layers of color
Representatives of my raw emotions
It’s a cup of black coffee fulfilling
my own addiction
The sweet surrender of a
poor soul..

** this is the poem I wrote almost two years ago for my Creative Writing class. I was in my final semester. I wrote several other poetry for the class, but this one right here is my fave. I was in a really good point of my life when I wrote this. I was about to graduate, I was surrounded by all these wonderful people, my thesis was on schedule, everyday was all about having fun and discovering new spot to hang out and new people to hang out with.. All these positive energy got me really inspired to write this poem. It was all rainbows and sunshine. No storms or black clouds like the way it has been recently.

***but what the fuck! I'm a positive person right?! Right?


Anonymous said…
hannef! u simpan the poem? sweet. mine entah mane tah. haaha
Fash said…
i have this final sem assignments in one folder.
Heiso said…
Life is..
A battle to be won
No matter how cruel and hard
You have to keep struggling
And emerge a warrior

Life is..
Like cotton-candy
It melts in your mouth
Sweetness on your tongue

Life is..
A heavy metal song
Incomprehensible and chaotic
Making it more alluring

Life is..
A blank canvas
Waiting for colour
It can be a masterpiece or rubbish

~This one's mine. It's funny to be reminded bout this poem again. Yeah I did have fun at our final sem. Hell, it was marvellous kn?? =D
Fash said…
yeah..remember the cotton candy part.what a co-incident! we had fun.. i really missed all of us, having fun..rindu la