The Aftermath

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Friday thru Sunday (1,2,3 Aug 2008)> Weekend with bitch-sistah! Late nights and lots of food! See Our Weekends

Monday (4 Aug 2008)> Back to work. Morning train around 8.30 am

Tuesday (5 Aug 2008)> KLCC after work with Shikin. Helped her decide what to buy with her Topshop voucher and dinner at Manhattan Fish Market

Wednesay (6 Aug 2008)> Work till late. Adult English class with only six attendees

Thursday (7 Aug 2008) > Almost two hours journey back home. Reason? My Mom’s scrumptious chicken and Project Runway 3 reruns on 8tv.

So, I went to bed around 12 am on Thursday night after my weekly dose of Project Runway. Feeling slightly cold than usual, I hang on tight to my pillow until I woke up the next day with this really nasty headache and all I felt was pain all over my body from head to toe. I put on my work clothes anyway and I took the 7.30 am bus to work. But I went straight to the doctor instead. My head hurt, it felt like I could just throw up any second and I had this funny feeling in my stomach. The doctor diagnosed me with exhaustion which simply translated as my body surrendering for my crazy lifestyles. I was given MC and got back home as fast as I could and slept for the rest of the day in my work clothes.

P/s: I woke up at 8pm and got sick all over my bathroom floor. Gross!


Anonymous said…
dapat MC? weeee
Fash said…
ha ah..but i was really, really sick lah