Bag It Up

My Dad always asks me why do I have to carry around my bag wherever I go, and what kind of crap do I have inside of my bag. I just smiled at him and said nothing about it. The main reason why do I have bags for every occasion is because I'm always on the move. So, I pretty much have my whole universe inside my bags. I have weekender, carry-all, sling-bag, canvas bag, oversized shopper... all kinds of must-haves in a modern 21st century guy collection.

I carry my fave leather and canvas bag to work today. It is quite small and very serious, I-mean-business kinda bag. It goes really well with the outfit that I wear to work, which also very serious and I-mean-business kinda thing.

Let's have a look inside:
  1. My Marlboro Light and Lighter (help me function)
  2. House-keys
  3. Cellphone and earbuds for uplifting music (for the long journey to the city)
  4. Umbrella ( Nizam christened it as "Payung British")
  5. Faux-tortoise shell shades and case (to shield the damaging UV rays)
  6. Facial tissues ( because I sweat a lot people)
  7. Reading material (I'm in the middle of "Jane Austen Book Club". I'm going to write the review soon)
  8. Toiletries bag (with Bodyshop face protector, hair-wax and nail-buffer in it)
  9. Thumbdrive (crucial!)
  10. Some used train tickets and receipts (I was just lazy...)
So there you go! I hope my Dad is reading this, NO!

Song playing inside my head: Rilo Kiley's Give A Little Love


Jebon said…
Aku mahu Berkin macam Bryan Boy tu. Dia tu menjealouskanlah. Kan?
H&F said…
bryan boy...lucky bitch! aku jeles..
Abdul Wafi said…
err..just like me..haha.. i have anything in my bagggy bag.
H&F said…
i know right?!