Cheap and 'kinda' chic

My idea of fashion is not about spending fortune on designers togs nor it is about imitating stuff you see direct from the runways. It really surprises me when people walk around in KLCC looking as if Prada or even Guess had thrown up all over her…or him! It’s all about mix-and-matching people. I’m not your master of fashion or anything like that. I’m not Raf Simmon for god sake! I’m just an observer and I replicate and incorporate things that I saw on the runways into real life, which is my own closet.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my fashion addiction. I don’t even own a credit card because I can’t really trust myself when it comes to shopping and spending. I pay cash y’all! So that is the reason why sometimes I resort to buying cheap things that has taken their inspiration from designers stuff. I like to shake things up a little and simply love the look of my friends’ faces when I told them that my House of Holland-inspired T-shirt cost me only 20-bucks. Or how surprised they were when I told them that I paid RM 9.90 for my grey patent leather skinny-belt.

There is just one thing to remember, never wear cheap, discounted items from head to toe. OK there’s another one. You can be cheap,but never go for imitations or you will end up looking like singer in Malay pop rock group. Always add a few pieces of designers and high-end stuff to complete the look. If you don’t own any Prada or Bottega Venetta (like moi), trade it with Gap, Banana Republic, Topman or at least H&M (my fave!). Mix it all up with your favorite home-made necklaces, Sunday bazaar shoes or vintage bag. Even stuff from Reject Shop will do. And voila~ let’s hit the street!

Well some people shop online for rare and cheaper items or make stuff for themselves. Some swap the content of their closets with their friends for a few weeks. People find different ways to cater to their fashion needs without breaking the bank. I’ll do it all baby!!

Song playing inside my head: The Verve's Love Is Noise


Anonymous said…
u want my opinion?

i think, u dont have to buy designer clothes if you dont have lots of money to spend. just buy any clothes brand but make sure they look chic.

other things are, u have to have the build, the air, the cut, poise, hmmm the way u walk and everything have to be nice.

coz if u have all these, u can throw just anything on and people will see you as fabulous / elegant. even your RM10 t-shirt will look like RM100.

seriously. you just have to have the cut.

if you dont have all thse, people will see u as someone wearing fake designer brands even though u spent RM thousands on your clothes. wouldn't that b a waste?

Fash said…
absolutely! cheap clothes can also do the trick.

and u always look fabulous in anything hana=)

yes u do.
Anonymous said…
hehehe *blush*

u pun same! clean look.

oh this is a secret im going to reveal: i m attracted to guys with clean / elegant look.

they r so sexy!!! hehehe

in other words, im attracted to metrosexual guys?

Fash said…

i know ur type lah hana..

Bert Steve said…
i wear a t shirt that i bought when i was 13 and now has already started to get the shape of my new size.

i'm both cheap and fashionless :)
Fash said…
it happens happens..LOL=)