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I watched Oprah a few weeks ago. Not really a huge fan of hers because I prefer trashier talk show like Jimmy Kimmel or David Letterman. OK people! Maybe I am a little trashy. Oprah is a bit too serious and intense for my liking, very housewife and mother of five kind of thing. Which I'm not because I don't have five kids and definetely not a mother=)

But out of boredom and just because I was too sick to go out having fun time with my friends, I watched the Oprah Marathon on Hallmark. I watched the first couple of episodes because I was simply excited to see the magic that Oprah and her team can bring to the homes of O magazine's contest winners. It was a full house makeover contest and yours truly right here is a sucker for interior design and room for improvement project. It's really fun to watch, what a huge difference a few layers of paint can bring.

So it was fun watching the transformation. But the episode that followed after that was about a family of four who had been battling with obesity and fighting several kinds of ailment due to their poor condition of living. Their house was a disaster and was a desperate cry for help. It was cluttered, which totally reminded me of my tiny bedroom that holds more stuff than it supposed to be. But unlike their house, my bedroom is not dirty and I don’t have dead rats or dog’s poop under my bed for god sake!

The “clutter expert” who guided the family throughout the transformation process told them about having to get rid of the clutter and clearing up the spaces around their house. The open space and clearer environment can actually affect their lives as well. Getting rid of the clutter is like getting rid of the burden and lifting out the weight off their shoulders. So if I get rid of the candles, clothes, mementos and several other things that I haven’t used for ages from my room, will it help me lose the fats around my belly? Hahaha=) Am I going to be happier and get a better job? Funny…

But I gave it a shot… I ain’t got nothing to lose aiteee! So I went to Ikea last weekend and bought a few stuff for my room, mostly stuff that help me organize and stow away the clutter inside room. I bought a few magazine boxes, new minimalist wall-clock and some plastic boxes. I took it back home and start the whole de-cluttering process. Man, I have to tell you! I have far too many junk! Hands up to those who have 13 picture frames and 21 candles of all sizes in their bedroom… Yes, exactly!

It was not really an easy process. I’m taking it step by step. Everything seemed soooo-easy on Oprah. Too bad I don’t have “clutter expert” to rely on.

But I will lift this weight off my shoulder right? I’ll lose this fat around my belly and have a better career. Hopefully…


Heiso said…
I'm having the same problem. There's a whole bunch of useless things in my room to but I just don't know how to get rid of them. Most are mementos from waaaayy back and I'm always a sucker for mementos.. huhu.. I think I want a closet where i can just chuck it all in. Good luck for us in de-cluttering huh?
Fash said…
hahaha=)i've been going back and forth about giving away stuff from my room. my nephews got my stationary from uni days; i gave my speakers to my office mate; frames(half of em)to my mom; my Goosebumps collection to my niece.. and i have like thousands more stuff and clothes of course to give away.