Do The Re-think

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I have been pushing the issue of global warming to my diploma students for the whole week. I teach English and communication skills, but somehow I feel the need to talk about it and spread the awareness to these young kids. I told them about how important it is for us to recycle and take care of the environment. And I even told them about how each and every little thing that we do (good or bad) will add up. So I told them to reuse things, pull out the socket and turn off the tap when brushing.

I may not look like the most environmental friendly looking creature on earth, but I care too much for the environment. I used both sides of the papers although it will be much easier to just make photocopy on one side. I don’t buy instant coffee because they are sold in individual packets. I drink too much coffee. My trash can will be filled with empty packets of instant coffee by 5pm. I use Body Shop products, which are not tested on animals. Even my Elemis toiletries bag is biodegradable.

My dad sometimes set dry leaves on fire and my mum takes very long shower. It pisses me off but those are simply things that they are used to. That’s why change is crucial. We need to change the way we live and think about the environment and the Artic that is melting as you read this. It breaks my heart when I see the image of people killing the sea lion heartlessly without mercy. And I cringe at the sight of people littering out of the car windows. It’s just so sad.

Recycle and think of the environment. It’s the only way to go. I hope my students are doing their part as well.

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Bert Steve said…
i think the only problem is not able to control the usage. i think using plastics are ok, it turn out bad because plastics are not properly disposed. that's all.

as for burning, we get our annual haze season 8) but hey, those ppl over at Indonesia couldn't find a cheaper method to clear the forests otherwise, haze would've never happened or became a too critical issue.

the solution probably is finding alternatives, not total removal :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
while i was driving yesterday, the car in front of me keep throwing out rambutan skins on the road.

i feel like screaming "what the hell is your problem? keep the skin in the car until u find a dustbin!"

stupid kan some people??

using plastic is another thing. i think all supermarkets should stop giving out plastic bags. kalau nak, kena pay 20sen per plastic ke. so that people go shopping will bring their own bag.

isn't that nice?

ps: i bring my own plastic bag to tesco now. coz i get one point for each plastic i re-use.


we should practice that! bring your own bag! or refuse bags when the cashier wants to give u.

if we start, everyone will follow! so lets start!
Fash said…
bird- totally agree. in some areas, the tri-color recycle bins are still hard to find. and don't let me start on those Indons..

hana-yeah! BYOB right? bring your own bag=) dat's hot! hahhaah=)