Forever 25

I was in Pavillion yesterday with Zaki. The last time I was there was last month and I had like just a couple of fifty-ringgit bills in my wallet, which hardly enough to pay for anything except for food and train-rides. So I decided to come back yesterday. This time with more fifty-ringgit bills in my wallet. Hahaha=) And I was heading straight to Forever 21.

Forever 21? Yup, exactly! I haven't really change my taste in clothing yet people. It's just that I recently discovered that Forever 21 now also carries men's clothes. They go by the brand "Heritage". The best part about this Heritage clothing is the fact that it is fuckin awesome and sooo-fuckin inexpensive!

I scored this black leopard-print hoodie for RM72. Super-cheap!

Check out Heritage. I think it’s great.

Song playing inside my head: p!nk's So What