In (Pt.II)

It is sooo unfair to give my little piece of fash-advice to the girls only. I decided to flip over my Details magazine and Google some info to come out with this little thing that I have right here.

We want the guys to look as good as the girls right?!

1. Blue and white- still the must have colors in every gentleman's closet

2.Skinny scarf is making a huge comeback. After far too many seasons of the tribal, handkerchief scarf, the skinny scarf is back and it's all over Gucci this season.

3.Lace-up boots are in. Wear it loose with pants tucked in to achieve the disheveled look. Justin Whatever..

4.Pleated pants-I call it grandpa's pants because pleated pants make me look heavier.I'm only wear flat-front at the moment. But I'll give it a try maybe for a couple of working days a week.

5.Rolled up pants- pleated pants with rolled up hem. What a combination=)