I was asked the exact same questions by a couple of friends last week

Questions about fashion..

"So..What's in? What do I wear to work? What should I look for next time I go shopping?"

So here goes:

1. Look for gladiator sandals. It's not really that new as it has been around for a few seasons now. It's comfortable and it looks the best with shorts or skinny jeans.I made Shikin bought a pair from Vincci.

2. High-waisted jeans (and shorts). The Britney-style low-slung is totally out since like, the year 2000!

3. Flowy, billowy tops..and don't forget the belt.

4. Shoulder bag. Very 80s!

5. Pixie haircut. Think Rihanna and Katie Holmes. Yes, the first picture.
Make sure you have all five! Beg, borrow or steal, and I can assure you that you are the stylish bitch in the room my friend=)

Song playing inside my head: Keane's Spiralling


Anonymous said…
i want to have bangs. like the katie holmes pic no 3

Fash said…
the bag is hermes' constance bag. hot!
Fash said…
and as for the bangs..u look cute with or without bangs hana=)