More movies

These are all movies that I've been watching since a couple of weeks ago.

When I'm not out mall-hopping or bar-hopping, I stay at home and watch old movies or any movie that I missed during it runs in theater.


Anonymous said…
i want to watch Miss Potter! is it good? I also want to watch Mama Mia!

These couple of days, i managed to squeeze a couple of movies in my time too.

I watched

- The Secret Garden
- The Little Princess
- Sense and Sensibility
- Jane Austen Book Club

love them all!!!!!!!!! hearts all over!
Fash said…
i finish the book 1st, then i'll watch JABC.i want to know the ending soooo-bad!but i just don't have the time lah=(
Anonymous said…
make timeeeeeeee


Fash said…
i will..i will